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We keep our pay transparent, straight-forward and fair always asking ourselves "how much can we afford to pay?" rather than "how little can we get away with paying?"

about the real living wage

We are accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and committed to always paying above their Real Living Wage which is currently set at £8.75 an hour. This is higher than the government's UK Living Wage of £7.83 an hour.

We pay from £10.00 an hour on weekdays to £11.65 an hour on weekend evenings and £20.00 an hour on bank holidays.

We pay these rates for visit time as well as for travel time and waiting time between visits. They're also the same rates we use for paying training and meeting time. Simple. No small print!

Saying they'll pay travel time and then not allowing enough time to get between visits is an old trick used by some agencies to avoid having to actually pay travel time. We make sure staff have enough travel time between visits by always using Google Maps to calculate it and then building it into our schedule for all visits right up front.

If you're a full time member of our team this could make you up to £4,000 a year better off working for Abney & Baker compared to companies who pay lower rates or nothing at all for travel and waiting time.

We provide all staff with a timesheet that details all visits, travel time and mileage in advance of being paid to make sure that pay is accurate and clearly understood.


If we're dependent on our jobs to make sure our bills get paid each month then it really helps to have confidence in how much we'll earn. It allows us to plan our household budgets, look ahead to paying for holidays or talk to banks about loans or mortgages.

If you're prepared to commit to your employer by giving them predictable availability then they should be able to commit to you by giving you a predictable income.

As part of our commitment to our team, we offer Guaranteed Hours contracts to help you plan your life with greater financial certainty.


We believe that the people best placed to help our business grow and develop are the people who share our values around quality and who know our clients best.

These are the people who already work with us.

We have an active programme that encourages people across the organisation to develop their skills and broaden their experience through training them in carrying out client assessments and reviews, training and supervising other members of the team or in particular specialist skills required to support our clients.

We operate a self-led learning scheme to support you in your personal development. All our team having access to a broad range of courses that they can choose to take at times that suit them.

Additionally we offer fully-funded Care Certificate and supported QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care courses to our staff.


We believe that our clients are precisely that; our clients. We treat them as customers and not as 'service users.' 

We are always striving to give them the best service possible and encourage our team to continually think of ways that our services and the experience our clients have can be improved.

Our approach to scheduling makes sure our clients always get their full visits and that those visits are designed to allow our team to spend time with the client without rushing.

We never do visits of less than half an hour.


We believe that a business should play a part in its community and one way we do this while at the same time providing a way for members of our support team to work together with their colleagues is through paid community activities.

Working together with local charities we use this as an opportunity to reach more people and provide them with care and support that they would not otherwise be able to access.

It's our way of giving back to the community that supports us.

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