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Benefits of care and support at home
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Care and support at home can help you to continue living the life you love in your own home, surrounded by family, friends and all the memories that mean so much to you.

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Peace of mind

Professional care and support at home can provide the reassurance you and your loved ones need and allow you to maintain healthy relationships with those you love the most.

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Less time in hospital

Care and support at home has been shown to reduce the likelihood and frequency of hospital admissions while also reducing the time it takes to return home.

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Your home, not a care home

Being in your own home, amongst family and friends, is important to our mental and physical well-being. Care at home can help delay the day you need to consider residential care.

Would care and support at home help you?

Do you worry about losing your independence?

Whether you’re looking for support at home for yourself or for a loved one, finding care that’s right for you and fits with your lifestyle is important.

At Abney & Baker, we tailor our discreet and flexible care and support to your exact needs and help you continue to live safely, confidently and independently in your own home.

Do the care needs of a loved one cause you worry and stress?

Worries around the care and support needs of loved ones can cause stress for family and friends whether you’re directly involved in providing care or worried that a loved one who lives further afield is not getting the support they need.

At Abney & Baker, we’ve been in your shoes and know the importance of care to everyone’s peace of mind. We are proud of the way work alongside family and friends to make life better everyone.

Do you worry about increasingly frequent or longer hospital stays?

Hospital admissions often result from falls or from illnesses that have gone unnoticed.

At Abney & Baker, we help reduce the likelihood of falls by creating daily routines and introducing equipment designed to keep you safe in your own home. We also have strong relationships with other care professionals and can help identify when their involvement would benefit you and enable health issues to be treated while you’re still at home.

Do you worry that care means care home?

Many people think that care at home is just a short-term fix and a care home must be the inevitable next step. At Abney & Baker, we know the reality can be very different.

Sensitively delivered care and support in your own home helps promote not only greater independence but a more positive and confident outlook as well. This is an important factor in continuing to see your own home as the best place for you to live.


Four easy steps to peace of mind
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Step 1 - Call us for a friendly chat

Just give us a call on 01225 536400 or click the Request a call button and we’ll give you a call back. We are here to chat through your particular situation and to help guide you through the range of options that are out there, to ensure you get care and support that works for you.

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Step 2 - Arrange a home visit

When you’re ready, we’ll come and visit you in your home for a relaxed chat about your needs, the range of services we offer and how we work. We are very flexible and can work alongside family and friends to make sure you’re getting the care you want in the way that is best for you.

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Step 3 - Receive a tailored support plan

We will follow up with a detailed support proposal including a schedule of visits, clear costs and available start dates, fully personalised to your needs. Our aim is to give you all the information you need to be able to make the right decision for you.

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Step 4 - Make an informed decision

Making the right decision for you when you’re ready to make it is key to feeling comfortable about introducing care and support into your life. Remember too that you don’t need to make a long term commitment. You can change your mind or adjust the support you receive at any time.


Give us a call today. You won’t be tied into any minimum contract or minimum hours. You can start off with just a few hours a week for a couple of months to see how it goes so do get in touch to see the difference care and support at home can make for you and your loved one.


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