Elderly Care Resources and Home Care Guides

At Abney and Baker, we work with individuals offering support in a variety of circumstances. Many of our clients request information and guidance about things like caring for elderly parents in their home, looking after those with illness and other aspects of home care.

As specialist providers of home care services, we are dedicated to ensuring that those in need of care receive the best possible, and most suitable options available. Care that provides appropriate levels of support while enabling as much independence as possible. To support those caring for loved ones and dependants, our expert team at Abney and Baker has put together this page of guides and resources.


Abney and Baker Resource Documents

Here, you’ll find all manner of elderly care resources, tips and guides on taking care of individuals at home, as well as insights into what’s best for both the carer and the caree.

At Abney and Baker, both maintaining and improving quality of life are crucial parts of our home care services. The need for care does not mean those requiring support cannot have rich and fulfilling lives. Our elderly care resources and home care guides cover many different facets of home care, providing details and information that goes well beyond simple challenge management.


Need More Targeted Help?

Our home care service providers understand that all support structures are different, and that everyone has unique needs. Our guides and resources can help provide general tips and insight into caring, but for more bespoke advice, contact us directly.

For a conversation with absolutely no obligation, call us at 01225 952200 or alternatively contact us online.Our experts can talk you through challenges like caring for elderly parents in their home, and discuss potential home support services we can provide to help support your caring needs.