What Is Social Care and How Can It Help?

For society to work, everybody needs to feel part of it. Social care helps people experience life to its fullest by providing extra help when it’s needed. It is a collaboration between local authorities and private specialists (like us) that ensures everybody across our communities are cared for.

Often the elderly or people with illness or disability can find it difficult to feel connected to today’s world. Social care is here to change that.

As human beings we thrive on interacting with one another. So, as well providing practical and medical support, we at Abney & Baker believe social care should make people feel connected and part of the bigger picture.

How Can Social Care Help?



Quality of Life

Social care is based around respect. Carers have important responsibilities that often take place in a person’s home so that person can still enjoy the comfort of their surroundings and retain as much independence as possible.

Carers also need to take into account the individual's needs and beliefs to build a trusting relationship. Forming a bond promotes self-esteem within the caree as we all know that having someone there brings us comfort and makes us feel more confident.

This intimate level of care also needs to be balanced with maintaining that person’s independence. It may seem obvious but having a sense dignity is important for us all when it comes to being happy. When you start your career as a carer, you quickly realise that dignity is one of social care’s most important missions.

By finding respect and dignity, a person’s general quality of life can begin to improve. The best social carers speak with individuals and their families to get them out in the wider world.

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How Abney & Baker Make A Difference

We’ve identified 5 different services that can help individuals and families in need of social care. Click to find out about each of the services.

Personal Care - Help with the day-to-day tasks and provision of healthcare expertise. Find out more

Social Support - Providing the people in need of care at home with an active social life. Find out more

Domestic Support - Help with things like bills, shopping and keeping the house tidy helping maintain a person’s independence. Find out more

Relief Visits - People who care for their loved ones can get a break from the stresses of support. Find out more

Active For Life - Help in discovering new interests, rekindling old hobbies and regularly meeting with friends. Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you or a loved one, call us on 01225 952200.