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We at Abney & Baker welcome the return of Channel 4’s heartwarming social tv experiment Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. Only by highlighting the difficulties facing our elderly to a large audience can we begin to tackle them together.

Channel 4’s Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds currently finds itself at the center of the discussion around the UK’s ageing population. The new series once again invites primetime audiences into the world of retirees in the form of an entertaining social experiment.

The term social experiment, when associated with television, can be a cause for alarm. Reminding us of Big Brother (probably the first tv / social experiment hit back in 2000); all the way to ITV’s Love Island, which could probably still be argued is a social tv experiment. Just. But thankfully, within seconds of watching Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, it’s clear the creators care about the pressing issues surrounding our nation’s elderly.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds follows what happens when residents from a retirement community meet with a group of 4 year old preschoolers. Expertly weaving together the emotional and the facts, the programme delivers a powerful and moving message that reveals how easy it is for older people to become isolated. But importantly shows what can be done about it.

Please do feel free to download this by right clicking on the images and then clicking “Save Image As”

Please do feel free to download this by right clicking on the images and then clicking “Save Image As”

Inspired by an experiment first conducted in Seattle 25 years ago, it’s only now that UK-based psychiatrists and physiotherapists have created their own timetable to combat the worries that come with old age. What they’ve come up with is designed for both adult and child to interact in the hope of creating a sense of wellbeing for the trial’s older participants.

If its arts & crafts, storytelling, physical activities or talking about the magic of duck eggs, everything within the programme’s timetable is designed to increase social interactions. All activities that we’re dedicated to at Abney & Baker. Well, maybe not the duck eggs!

Beyond analysing great tv, from our perspective at Abney & Baker, it’s brilliant to see Channel 4 shifting the national conversation towards what we champion everyday. We know firsthand the positive impact that social interactions we and other groups from across the south west make on older people’s lives. Our Active for Life services encourage the upkeep of hobbies and arrange social activities for those who find it difficult to get out and about. We also regularly check, which is like an internet pinboard letting us know what activities are happening in the South West. Plus we’re always keeping our eye out for any other opportunities activities to connect the experiences to people that will benefit from them.

Some great social events are happening all the time in your local area where you can get to know new people:

The Southwest Trekking and Hiking Group

Bath Drawing

Bath Mental Health Buddies

Bath Book Club

Bath Astronomers

Even though Abney & Baker don’t currently send preschoolers to our clients (well, not yet anyway!) with the new governmental strategy to combat loneliness, we see a positive change in the way society thinks about the way we care for the elderly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you or a loved one, call us on 01225 952200.