Spotting Whether Someone Is Struggling With Loneliness 

If you or your family are looking at the prospect of social care, it’s hard to know the best time to start using it. In this blog, we want to discuss how to spot the signs of people beginning to need extra help and show how encouraging more social interaction can help too. 

Maintaining independence is important to us all. When our loved ones grow older or are adjusting to a new routine after an illness, we want them to feel comfortable whilst staying in control of their lives. 

Spotting Loneliness 

It’s not surprising that people living independently may be susceptible to loneliness. Suffering from physical issues can make it tricky to get out and about and socialise. Furthermore, if their loved ones do not live close by, it can make it difficult to spend enough quality time with others to feel happy.

Age UK say that 1.2m elderly people feel lonely and according to Sense, over half of people with disabilities feel lonely too. Here are some telltale signs that someone could be suffering from loneliness:

  • Drop in personal hygiene and/or personal appearance

  • Feeling down, talking about being worthless, low self-esteem

  • Not eating properly

  • Changes in routine such as staying in bed longer

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How Abney & Baker Can Help

Social Support service

We create bespoke packages to help people combat loneliness. Here’s some of the things we do as part of our Social Support service:

  • Supporting friend visits

  • Enabling family or social events

  • Regular coffee mornings for our clients to interact with each other 

  • Days out (such as trips to races, parks, church, etc.)

  • Our Active for Life program

  • Arranging new get-togethers for isolated individuals

  • Supporting the development of hobbies, clubs and interest groups


Do you think you and your family could benefit from some of our help? Call us on 01225 952200 for a no-obligation chat to find out more.