Spotting Whether Someone Is Struggling With Dementia

If you are concerned about someone who might be showing early signs of dementia then this article may help.

We have a wide array of options to meet the various challenges facing people in need of care. This means you can tailor your experience with us to suit your situation.

Spotting Dementia

Dementia is the term given to conditions relating to the deterioration of mental processes. This includes changes in personality, cognitive reasoning and memory loss with diseases such as Alzheimer's.

According to the NHS, these are some of the early signs that you can look out for in dementia:

  • Memory loss

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Finding it hard to carry out familiar daily tasks, such as getting confused over the correct change when shopping

  • Struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word

  • Being confused about time and place

  • Mood changes

There’s no doubt we all might experience these things from time to time but for the elderly and sufferers of illness, these little hurdles can start to become big problems in everyday life. So it’s important to take them on early.

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How Abney & Baker Can Help

Domestic Support service

Help with the household chores and life admin can keep everything ticking over nicely. Relatives take comfort in knowing that their loved ones will be in a safe and comfortable environment when they’re not there. Things we can help with are:

  • Meal preparation

  • Assistance with shopping

  • Cleaning and tidying

  • Washing clothes, bedding and dishes

  • Managing and booking appointments

  • Helping with bills and utilities

  • Liaising with third parties when needed, such as plumbers, electricians and couriers

  • Dog walking and pet care

Do you think you and your family could benefit from some of our help? Call us on 01225 952200 for a no-obligation chat to find out more.