Spotting Whether Someone Is Struggling To Cope With The Everyday

Keeping our homes tidy and maintaining personal hygiene are important aspects of our everyday. If levels of household cleanliness and/or personal hygiene are starting to fall, then some people may be in need of help. 

Our Personal Care service covers an array of day-to-day tasks that provide options to families. Additionally, clients can tailor their own experience with us so that we can help where it really matters. 

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Personal & Domestic Hygiene 

For our clients, maintaining their independence is top of our list. Our services can provide an extra hand around the house to help with tidying, washing clothes and other chores. We know when the home is neat and tidy, it can have a positive impact on our clients’ self-esteem and their daily experience. 

For some of our clients living independently, they may also need help with their personal hygiene. Assistance with fundamental activities such as bathing and brushing teeth help make people feel better day-to-day whilst also avoiding infections and other medical complications. 

Our staff are offered regular training on how to handle situations as we know that some tasks can be a little more difficult to approach than others. That’s why we will always go at the client’s pace and at a level that they are comfortable with. Knowing that no two people are the same, our Personal Care service allows clients and their families to choose the level of help someone may need. 

If you feel you or a loved one may be in need of extra care and you want to find out more what Abney & Baker can do to help, call us on 01225 952200.