Older. Wiser. Better.

Ageing. What’s all the fuss about? Does it deserve all of the negative connotations that it comes with? The rather unfavourable outlook on getting older is somewhat perpetuated by the younger in society.

But instead of getting us down, we should embrace ageing. And in today’s world, there’s a whole array of upsides for the elderly - and we thought we’d refresh our minds as to what they are.

1) The elderly are scientifically proven to make better decisions that younger people.

When an experiment put university students up again 60-80 year olds, it found the latter to make the better long term decisions. Whereas the students would make their decisions more quickly, they were more likely to be wrong. But we knew that anyway, didn’t we?

2) You’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

By the time you reach older age, you’ve seen it all before. From the social situations you can spot a mile off, the personalities you sniff out in an instant and the politics that keep repeating themselves - you know what’s what. If it’s helping inform your own life choices, or imparting this gathered wisdom to others, you know what you’re talking about.

As the famous Roman, Cicero, once famously said:

For there is assuredly nothing dearer to a man than wisdom, and though age takes away all else, it undoubtedly brings us that."

Right click the image and select Save Image As to download.

Right click the image and select Save Image As to download.

3) If you haven’t got the t-shirt, you’ve got all the time to get it

What have you ticked off your Life List lately? If the answer is either ‘nothing’ or ‘nothing because I don’t have a Life List’ then perhaps this ought to be remedied. Travelling isn’t just for the young, in fact, you’ll be surprised how open the open road is to the older traveller. Or if you’re sights are set closer to home, go explore all Great Britain has to offer and make the most of those senior discounts!

As the over 60s travel company Silver Travel Advisor says, “Over 60s are in a lucky position these days, when it comes to holidays. There is a huge choice of where to go and what to do. No longer are the over 60s on holiday expected to be partaking of quiet, unobtrusive pursuits in quiet, unheard of places. Though, of course, should that be your preference, all well and good!”

4) Technology is there to help you connect - embrace it.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the fast-moving world of social media and technology. But one accomplishment of the tech revolution is it’s amazing ability to connect. People connect to each other and their families, stay up-to-date with the institutions they love and feel part of a wider social network like never before.

5) There’s no need to worry what others think

One bane of the young, is that they’re very (very) self conscious. When you get older, you have no need to be. You get a free pass when it comes fashion, music, ideologies and the rest. Just do you what makes you, you.