Meet Grandma Williams

Meet Joyce, AKA Grandma Williams. Blogger, Tweeter and Anti-Ageism campaigner, she’s 80+ years old and proud of it. Joyce has caught our eye here at Abney & Baker, as she shares the same positive attitude and lust for life as we and our clients do. So let’s take a look at what she’s been up to.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Or, in Grandma Williams’ case, it turns out the blog is. Wielding her self-taught blogging skills, Yorkshire woman Joyce Williams sparks conversations about a wide array of pertinent, but mostly unspoken questions that face our elderly population today.

Calling out ageism wherever it may be whilst reaching out to others, Grandma Williams has discovered a unique ability to empower people of all ages. On her website, Joyce is tackling concerns on retirement, fashion, sex and the media’s depiction of the elderly.

Her engaging and insightful blog posts and tweets are not only inspirational to her followers but also highly intriguing to the media machine who can be seen as responsible for some (if not most) of society’s stigma with the aged.

When appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Joyce showed the nation that even squeaky clean Phillip Schofield could be perceived as ageist. What could be seen as a harmless passing comment to most of us, when Phillip Schofield remarked ‘you are certainly young at heart’, Joyce, spotting the unwittingly ageist undertones of his comment, cross examined Schofield live on air by saying “I’m old at heart. To say young at heart is an ageist statement. I’m old and proud to be old!”

Viewing audiences quickly turned to Twitter to post their admiration of Joyce’s frank and honest approach to sexuality and ageing (and of Phillip Schofield being told off live on air!)

Check out what happened in Joyce’s own words in her blog here and watch Joyce live in action in this short clip.

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As well as sharing her own experiences, we also find it inspiring that Joyce is making the most of new technologies and social media to find her voice; showing that being forward-looking isn't age-dependent. Taking to the Twittersphere as well as running her own popular website, Grandma Williams is helping rewrite the narrative of people ageing in the UK.

At Abney & Baker, we’re huge advocates of helping our clients seek out experiences or hobbies and learn new skills to help them stay connected. Being connected means meeting with friends, new and old, or keeping up-to-date with the goings on of society as a whole. Our Active For Life service prioritises this, encouraging everyone to stay active in mind, body and soul.

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