How to Deal with Dementia: Why Hobbies and Activities Are So Important

Need some advice on how to deal with dementia? At Abney & Baker, we believe hobbies and activities are key to effective illness management and care. Find out more in our latest blog.

How to Deal with Dementia: What We Know

Thanks to a wealth of studies and research into dementia symptoms and illness management, we know quite a bit about how hobbies and activities can affect dementia. So what have we learned over the years?

Hobbies Matter

Hobbies play an important role in the progression of dementia. They encourage active minds and boost cognitive engagement. Everything from reading and painting to gardening and playing music requires thought and focus, which boosts brain power. While improving cognitive ability cannot stop dementia, we do know it can help reduce symptoms and slow its progression.

Being Active Cuts Dementia Risks

Studies have shown that those who aren't physically active are twice as likely to develop dementia, and see symptoms progress more rapidly, than those who are. Being active and getting out and enjoying hobbies and interests can have a dramatic impact on how much the illness affects an individual. Physical activity, no matter how strenuous, results in the release of beneficial chemicals in the brain, which helps to fortify the neurological connections that diseases such as Alzheimer's attack.

The Power of a Social Life

Like hobbies, social engagement encourages cognitive development. Conversations challenge the way we think; meeting people helps us grow new memories and pathways, and being socially active just makes us happy. All of these factors help to strengthen the mind, which in turn strengthens our ability to battle dementia.

Importance of Hobbies and Activities: Abney & Baker’s Guide

At Abney & Baker, it is our firm belief that age should not be a barrier to physical and mental activity. As we’ve already discussed, there are numerous benefits of hobbies and activities when it comes to dealing with dementia. However, our list isn’t complete yet!

Below, you can find our handy guide to the importance of hobbies and activities for the well-being of those who are living with dementia. If you are looking for support and information on how to deal with dementia, this guide may be exactly what you need:

Abney & Baker Guide to Hobbies and activities for well being.jpg

Did you find our resource useful? You can download it as a PDF document and take it with you to show friends, family and those living with dementia.

Click here to download your free copy.

How Abney & Baker Can Support Hobbies and Activities

Abney & Baker is dedicated to offering home care services that not only support those with dementia, but also help to actively improve their lifestyle and make life worth living. We offer a variety of different options that enable those living with dementia to pursue hobbies, get active and be more social, including:

  • Social Support: Our social care services help those with dementia get out, meet people and stay socially active. This includes days out, shopping trips, meeting friends, arranging social gatherings and providing personal care at social events.

  • Active for Life: Our active for life programme enables individuals living with dementia to carry on doing the hobbies and activities they love. Whether it’s going for walks, fishing, visiting the theatre or playing sport, we support continued dedication to the passions and interests that make life worth living.

  • Domestic Support: Sometimes getting out just isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean those living with dementia can’t pursue hobbies or be socially active. Our carers offer dedicated home care. Through this, we can provide opportunities for people to take part in leisure activities within their own home, ensuring they have access to those all-important lifestyle aspects.  

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