Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives

Over the festive period, in between the opening of presents, sitting down to meal times and watching Morecambe & Wise reruns, we’ve been listening to Radio 4’s presentation of Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives. It’s a fascinating examination of ageing over the ages and across the globe and we’ve been reflecting on the author Carl Honoré’s ideas and what we can learn from them. Read our blog to see what we discovered.

Carl Honoré made his name in 2004 with his self help book / societal analysis In Praise of Slow. The Canadian journalist sought to give the world a bit of a wake up call, proclaiming that we do everything too fast. And he’s probably right; making a good case during in his TED Talk from 2005.

With his new book Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives, Honoré looks to shake things up again by taking a look at another universal puzzle: ageing.

Carl Honoré’s mission statement is laid out in episode 1:

My aim is to understand and embrace ageing. To show how the longevity revolution can be a blessing rather than a burden.”

Radio 4’s Book of the Week programme breaks up extracts from his new Bolder book into 5 episodes. Covering the social and physical experiences faced by the elderly, along with how getting older impacts creativity, our emotions and our love lives.

Honoré looks at how modern society perceives the elderly; citing how our ancestors held them in much higher regard than we do today. Elders held prominent roles within the social structure, such as caring for and teaching the young and acting as political and spiritual advisors. Honoré claims our elders were the ‘Google of the pre-literate era’.

In episode 3, although Honoré does first concede that our brains change as we grow older, likening them to a computer losing processing speed over time, he also makes the argument against creative streaks fizzling out in old age.

When we hit 60, our brains begin to loosen up again. And combined with all the knowledge and experience picked up in those 60 years, our brains begin to forge new neurological pathways - becoming more creatively fruitful than ever, giving credence to the saying “60 is the new 30”.

Bolder_ Making the Most of Our Longer Lives.png

Listening to Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives in the past week, we felt it reflected our ethos at Abney & Baker. We want the older generations to know that you’re never too old and our Active for Life service makes it easy for people to enjoy life by organising an array of get-togethers and social events, such as our regular coffee mornings with clients who are keen to meet up with others.

Our dedicated team truly enjoys helping our clients get the most out of life by assisting them with getting back into their favourite hobbies such as gardening, going to the golf club, painting or any other cherished pastimes.

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And don’t forget to listen to the Bolder: Making the Most of Our Longer Lives on BBC Sounds too.