Keeping you in touch with your favourite pastimes

It's no secret that keeping active both mentally and physically is vital to our well-being. Having a hobby in later life is absolutely key to mental stimulation, and can help prevent the onset of cognitive conditions such as dementia. It also provides benefits such as reducing social isolation, offering a sense of purpose and, quite simply, something to do and look forward to that is enjoyable.

Here at Abney & Baker, we’re committed to helping people make the most of life and we offer a range of activity-based visits that are aimed at keeping people engaged in hobbies that also facilitate and provide social interactions. This extra service works remarkably well with clients who might be more isolated or particularly unable to get out and about — participating in regular and engaging activities can quickly lead to vast improvements in the quality of life of the client.

Let us help you get the most out of every day

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A fantastic service has to begin with an experienced team of compassionate carers who take genuine enjoyment in what they do. We always support our carers and pay them a fair wage, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards in the service that we provide and attracting the best staff to our ranks.

Our employees love working with us and we work hard to continue to be a care service that they want to work for.

Our excellent staff are fully aware of the needs of all clients and are able to engage them in a range of vital activities, with the knowledge that there are great health and mental benefits to the activity-based visits provided. We understand that physical activity and exercise are the key to keeping you healthy, independent, and energetic — all aspects that we always strive to accommodate and improve in the provision of our services.


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It can be daunting when looking for a personal care service, particularly when at short notice, but our team of care experts are on hand to guide you through the finer details.

We don't have a sales team at Abney and Baker and our consultations offer total confidentiality for all of the details provided, with it guaranteed that your personal information is not retained or used if you don't opt in to using our service.

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